Saturday, July 2, 2011

We've Been On Holiday!!

Hello Friends! Can you guess why I haven't been around lately? My family and I have just returned from Disney World! We had a spectacular time! That is why I haven't been posting anything crafty for awhile. Between finishing school and getting everything ready for our trip, I haven't had any extra time, and now I'm sick with a summer cold...ugh! I've missed being a part of all of my favorite weekly challenges. I am hoping that I feel better tomorrow and can squeeze in some card making time. To my fellow Americans, have a very Happy Independence Day, and I hope that my Canadian friends had a Happy Canada Day! Thanks so much for dropping by for a visit! I'll be back soon...Toodles! :D


Shirley said...

Hope you get well soon! :-) Hugs

Clara said...

So glad you had a great time! We love Disney and will be there in October with the girls. Sorry to hear about your summer cold, hope it doesn't last too long.

Clara said...
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