Monday, July 11, 2011

Sewing Tutorial for Right at Home Scrapbooking!

Happy Monday Friends! I hope that you are doing well and enjoying a beautiful summer. The Right at Home Scrapbooking Design Team members are taking turns each month and providing crafty tutorials. This month, it's my turn. While I am certainly not a sewing expert, I LOVE to sew on my cards. Here are a few tips if you'd like to give sewing on paper a try. I find that a zig zag stitch is the most forgiving so that is what I'm going to show today. I start off by lining up the piece of paper that I want to stitch over with the middle opening of the presser foot of the sewing machine.

After I have sewed down the side of the piece and I reach the corner, I stop the needle on the right side of the zig zag.

Then I raise the needle by turning the sewing machine wheel.

With the needle raised, I lift the presser foot and turn the paper. Next, I line the paper's edge up with the middle of the presser foot and then lower the presser foot so that I can continue sewing.

This is how the corner will turn out.

After I have sewed on all four sides of the piece, I end up back where I began. This is where I end up with the string! Some strings come from behind the piece, and some come from front of the piece. They are not so cute or so!

I keep this handy dandy tool (needle threader) right on top of my sewing machine. It is perfect for taking care of all of the left over strings.

Coming from the back of the piece, I push the needle threader through one of the sewing holes.

Whatever strings are remaining on the front of the piece, I put through the eye of the needle threader and then pull them to the back where I can tie them all together.

Now all four corners look nice and neat like this!

Here is a shot of all of the strings tied together on the back layer. I use a piece of scotch tape to hold them down. (I learned that little trick from Jody Morrow's blog.)

Now I have a layer with zig zag stitches on all four sides.

Thanks so much for visiting with me. You'll be able to see what I create with this layer a little later on this month. Until then...Toodles! :D


Linda Monroe said...

What a great tutorial. Short, sweet and very informative. I have never used this tool but now I need one. I always just trim the string on the front of the card but that is not nearly as neat and tidy as it would be tucking it underneath and taping it. Great job. I hope all is well with you. I'll call you this week. It's been a while since we chatted.

Contemporary Cloth Inc. said...

Thanks so much for this tutorial. Great info, much appreciated!

Contemporary Cloth Inc. said...

Great information, thanks very much for sharing this! Wonderful.

Wanda G (stampcat) said...

Great tutorial and great photos!!! Thanks for posting this. I only sew straight lines on my cards! LOL. Can't wait to see what it turns into! :-)

Karen Motz said...

Those corners are perfection! Fabulous tutorial!!!

Shirley said...

You goose!!!! You are putting me to shame. I gave my machine to my daughter and then bought a Janome.....and there it sits!!! You are a good influence, Kim!! Can't wait to see what you do!!

CraftyMomOf2 said...

this is GENIUS!!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!

Crafty Hugs!!